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If you are like the rest of us, I'm sure you love how easy and convenient store-bought bottled water can be. You simply grab the bottle and you are on your way, with water on the go!

But I'm sure you've thought to yourself...how many dollars have I spent on bottled water in my lifetime? You've thought, gosh - this water doesn't taste so good! Is plastic good for my health? What is all this plastic doing to the environment?

Stop Hurting Planet Earth: Americans use over 50 billion plastic water bottles every year. But, the recycling rate for plastic in the U.S.’s is only 23%, this means that 38 billion water bottles – more than $1 billion worth of plastic – are wasted each year. 

Source: Fishman, Charles. “Message in a Bottle.” Fast Company Magazine 2007 via BanTheBottle.net

When we throw a plastic bottle into the trash most of the time it will end up in a garbage dump. Here is will stay for hundreds of years, causing the expansion of landfills, in turn ruining our environment, polluting our rivers and oceans.

Is Drinking From A Plastic Water Bottle Bad For My Health?

There are two chemicals that have caused the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to issue warnings about the dangers of plastic drinking bottles. These chemicals are Bisphenol A (BPA) and Bisphenol S (BPS)

Remember the time you left your bottled water in the car? Or in sunlight? What did the water taste like? It wasn't good was it?

The FDA and other scientific and research centers, such as Harvard and Environment International, are concerned that chemicals in the plastic can leach into your water and may cause you and your children to become sick.

Harvard Study: BPA Linked with Cardio Disease & Diabetes 

Exposure to BPA, used in the manufacture of polycarbonate and other plastics, has been shown to interfere with reproductive development in animals and has been linked with cardiovascular disease and diabetes in humans.

Source: Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH)

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