Co-Branding Opportunities


Here at Kanrel our goal is to combine high quality design with sustainable, environmentally conscious products. We offer a range of co-branding solutions to organizations with our high end Glass Water Bottles.

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We have worked on a number of projects with third-parties looking to offer their customers, clients or staff a product that aligns with our values.

Currently, we are offering you the opportunity to co-brand your organization with our top selling Amazon product; our Glass Water Bottles.

If your organization wants to create a product that combines premium product design and packaging with ethical value and high quality then our Glass Bottles are the solution for you.

We offer low minimum order quantities and generous price points for small, medium or large organizations.

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Current Co-branding Clients

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Benefits of Co-branding 

There are numerous reasons why co-branding could be a great option for your organization. Below we list just some of the reasons why this could be a good option for you.

  • Shared Philosophy

Our ethos stems from a desire to make the world a greener, bluer, cleaner place. Years of industrial development has caused harm to our planet. If there is any small change we can make to help the environment we will do it. Our membership with 1% For the Planet is testament  to this. If you share this belief get in touch, we will be a perfect fit for you organization.

  • Leverage 

Currently we are the best selling glass water bottle on Amazon. Our many thousands of customers will attest to our quality, craftsmanship and first rate customer service. Our brand is recognized as the go-to premium glass water bottle, and we are offering you the opportunity to leverage the credibility we have built.

  • Access to Market

Blood sweat and a few tears have been expended getting Kanrel to the position it is in now. We are in constant dialogue with our customers, ensuring our product satisfy their needs. We are offering you this insight, in addition to open door access to our niche.

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